Mamoru Miyano Birthday Concert

One of the most popular voice actors, Mamoru Miyano(宮野真守)’s birthday concert was held at Maihama Amphi Theater(舞浜アンフィシアター) on June 8 and 9. Fortunately I obtained the premium ticket, and enjoyed his amazing performances!

Maihama Amphi Theater in the Tokyo Disney Resort. This concert hall was used as CIRQUE DU SOLEIL THEATRE TOKYO before, but now it serves as multipurpose hall.

Maihama Amphi Theater

Many flowers from Miyano-san’s business partners and his fans! Found flowers from Taiwan and China! Wow, he is also popular overseas!

Mamoru Miyano Birthday concert

Mamoru Miyano Birthday concert

At this concert, he sang songs that were requested by his fans. The first stage was J-POP cover songs, and his characters’ songs. The second stage was his top five popular original songs. As far as I remember the set was as following.

J-POP cover songs
“Hanamizuki(ハナミズキ)” by Yo Hitoto(一青窈)
“Even If” by Ken Hirai(平井堅)
“Chiisana Koi no Uta(小さな恋のうた)” by MONGOL800

Character songs
“One Way” from Inu x Boku SS
“Hakosora(箱空)” from Gundam 00
“Kanaunara(叶うなら)” from Ouran High School Host Club

Top five popular Miyano-san’s songs
1. J☆S
2. Orpheus
4. Kiss×Kiss
5. Hikari Hikaru(ヒカリ、ヒカル)

It surprised me that “J☆S” is the most popular song among his fans. My favorite is “Splash Blue”. How about you?

This was the first time for me to see his live performances, and I instantly fell in love with him! I made an application for membership in his fan club moments after the concert ended.

The membership card^^*

Mamoru Miyano Fan club

Aww, Miyano-san is so KAKKOII♡♡♡
I believe that you like this video!


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  1. Kurumi Shim より:

    Hello Yohco!

    I am a big fan of Miyano-san. I wish I was at the concert. I’ve always wanted to watch him in flesh, and listen to his heavenly voice. He’s really a good singer, a great seiyuu at the same time. I always admire his talent and everything that is amazing about him.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience during his birthday concert. You’re lucky! (^o^)

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