Yurikamome Line, the train to hear the favorite voice

If you visit Odaiba and Tokyo Big Sight, I recommend Yurikamome Line (ゆりかもめ) instead of Linkai Line (りんかい線). Yurikamome Line has a great view of Tokyo bay area from the train window.

By the way, do you know that the stations of Yurikamome Line are a little more special than others? Since 2006, all the stations use the recorded voices of different popular voice actors for their announcements. I have summarized in the following picture. I also displayed anime characters played by each voice actors. (Dear voice actress lovers, so sorry!)

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2 Responses to “Yurikamome Line, the train to hear the favorite voice”

  1. Blitzwing より:

    That’s a very informative map! I usually take the Rinkai line to Big Sight because it has more passenger capacity during Comiket, but the Yurikamome is definitely a nicer ride. Mai Nakahara’s voice is the one I always look forward to!

    • Yohco より:

      I agree! Linkai Line is more convenient than Yurikamome Line, so I usually use Linkai Line too. But I like Yurikamome Line :D It always makes me feel something special.

      However, one of the only common things that can be said about these lines is that the fares are too expensive :(

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