Which prince-sama do you like the best?

Otaku girls all over Japan are crazy for “Uta no prince-sama”!
Uta no Prince-sama (うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪) is a video game series for Play Station Portable targeted towards girl gamers published by Broccoli. The game has been adapted into manga and anime series. The anime has been green-lit for production on a second season coming.

In the story, 6 boys who want to be idol enter the performing arts school, and the heroine (you) supports them as the song writer. This series have many insert songs, so the cast included Mamoru Miyano, Kisho Taniyama, the best voice actors sing like nightingale in the latest.

The series have released some character CDs, and the new songs will released on July 25! 4 new members now join “prince-sama”, and it could be great. You can listen the sample music on the official website!

Link to the official website is here.

You can get the other songs of “Uta no prince-sama”!

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