Today is Katsura’s b-day

Today June 26 is Katsura’s birthday! (Nobody knows his age…maybe around 27)
Kotaro Katsura (桂小太郎), one of the main character of Gintama (銀魂) is handsome and noble-looking guy, but the personality is so eccentric. He is very popular with Gintama fans, and my favorite character as well.

Katsura’s voice actor, Akira Ishida also has many fans. So his fans are one of the main backbone of support for Katsura’s popularity. If you are a Japanese anime fan, you may have heard his voice. He used to be the top box-office status in Japanese voice actors.
His voice sample is here! He is acting all character, boy, girl, mother, father, grandmother, and grandfather… So talented!

For your information, Katsura in Gintama anime is here. “I’m not xxx, It’s Katsura” is his standard remark.

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