The first TV appearance of Masashi Kishimoto, the author of NARUTO

Japanese manga artist, Masashi Kishimoto (岸本斉史), the author of NARUTO, appeared on TV show on July 20. This was the first time for him to show his face in public.

— What inspired you to create NARUTO?

At first I wanted to create a ramen manga, but it was not really suited for children. So I just picked up the name of Naruto (A common topping on Japanese noodles such as Tokyo-style ramen), and combined Ninja story. Both are the pieces of Japanese culture, so I thought that it was a good combination.

— What would you say is the main theme of NARUTO?

Our need for recognition from others. It was a big theme for me, because my idea of ramen manga also was not recognized.

— Who would you target as the audience of NARUTO?

Fourteen years old boys. I can get down on my knees to beg them to read NARUTO. 14 years old is something special for me, because I began to think that I want to be a manga artist when I was fourteen. I want to give fourteen years old boys a dream as same as people who gave the dream to me.

— Do you have a rival?

Manga artists of Weekly Shonen JUMP, and talented young artists.


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