Sengoku Basara Cosplay

Sengoku Basara is one of the most popular video games for girls in Japan. I have an idea that the publisher itself didn’t believe that girls would love Basara because it is a full-scale action game. In the story, many handsome characters appear, and that is why girls love Basara.

Of course Basara is loved by many cosplayers, but doing Basara’s cosplay is a big challenge for them. Almost all Basara’s characters wear gorgeous outfits and have decorative weapons, so they need a lot of money and time.

But I decided to take on the challenge!! I became Magoichi Saika from Sengoku Basara.

Magoichi Saika Cosplay by Yohco

Magoichi Saika Cosplay by Yohco

Photography by Eleonore

Magoichi is strong and beautiful. I too want to become a person like that. That is why I choose her!

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