Kotobukiya Akihabara September 9

Last weekend, I visited Kotobukiya Akihabara. In the girls’ market “Uta no Prince-sama” and “The Prince of Tennis” remain the most popular. Otaku girls’ love for anime characters is deeper than the sea!

The Chuo street in Akihabara (秋葉原中央通り) is a “pedestrians’ paradise” every Sunday.

Akihabara Chuo street

Akihabara main street


Akihabara main street

Kotobukiya Akihabara is within easy reach of the Akihabara Station.
Let’s hurry inside!

Kotobukiya Akihabara

Persona goods

Hyōka goods

Girls’ section is on the second floor.

Tales of goods

Tales of goods

Ah, Creamy Mami’s keyboard! That takes me back.

Creamy Mami keyboard

Utapri section is most popular. Personally, I want to Satsuki Shinomiya’s cushion. I do love meany character♡

Utapri section at Kotobukiya Akihabara

Utapri trading card.

Utapri trading card

Mini cushion. Otoya kawaii!

Utapri mini cushion

Utapri goods

Utapri goods

Utapri iPhone case

Utapri iPhone seal

The Prince of Tennis section. Japanese girls love “prince”!

The Prince of Tennis goods

The Prince of Tennis goods

The Prince of Tennis mini figures

The Prince of Tennis

And everything else.

Durarara!! goods

Durarara!! figures

Magi goods

Hetalia mini figures

Hetalis goods

★Shop data
Kotobukiya Akihabara (コトブキヤ秋葉原館)
TEL: +81-3-5298-6300
1-8-8 Sotokanda Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-0021 JAPAN
Official Website: kotobukiya.co.jp

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