Starring on Danny Choo’s JAPAN MODE

I have good news today. I will appear in Mr. Danny Choo’s TV show “JAPAN MODE,” which will start its first season from September 16th on Star World (owned by STAR TV and Fox International) across the whole of Asia! I am going to introduce you to Tokyo’s train system, and also some of Tokyo’s sweetest places.

For the meeting, I visited Danny. I had been wanting to visit his room so long.

Danny Choo's office

Danny's dolls

Danny Choo's office

Danny Choo's figure

Danny Choo in his office

Danny and camera operator, Mr. Yuki Eikawa (永川優樹). Mr. Eikawa received the Grand Prize at Yahoo Japan Internet Creative Award 2011. He will be the camera-man for my episode.
His films are sold on Blu-ray Disc. You can see his works on Youtube! here

Danny Choo and Yuki Eikawa

Thank you for the great opportunity, Danny! I will do my best!


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  1. Clau より:

    I read Danny’s story, really inspiring. So lucky to have him as a friend :) I believe he will be a valuable mentor, for you to shine worldwide!

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