Sanrio goods shop

Few days ago, I introduced Sanrio Puroland on this website. Today, I will show you the goods shop and super kawaii items there! Check it out!

The article of Sanrio Puroland is here.

Huge shop in Sanrio Puroland. There are many girls and kids every time.

Sanrio goods shop in Sanrio Puroland

Kitty’s nano block puzzle.

Hello Kitty goods

Wow! So big squid!!

Hello Kitty goods

Cellphone accessories…

Sanrio earbuds

Sanrio iPhone cases

Sanrio characters from the good old days. Keroppi and TuxedoSam.

Keroppi and TuxedoSam

Hello Kitty, My Melody, Pom pom purin…

Hello Kitty goods

Hello Kitty and My Melody

Sanrio goods shop

Hello Kitty and My Melody goods

Hello Kitty goods

Hello Kitty goods


Sanrio goods for young ladies are sold in forth floor.

Sanrio goods shop

Sanrio suitcases

Sanrio goods for young ladies

Sanrio goods

Hello Kitty goods

One of my favorite sanrio character, Little Twin Stars.

Little Twin Stars goods

Little Twin Stars goods

My Melody is popular character after Hello Kitty.

My Melody goods

My Melody goods


Of cause Sanrio Puroland has special store of Hello Kitty, and is next door to Hello Kitty’s house.

Hello Kitty's house

Hello Kitty goods

Hello Kitty in Kimono

Hello Kitty goods


After buying a lots of things, then let’s go home.
See you Sanrio Puroland!

Sanrio Puroland at night


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4 Responses to “Sanrio goods shop”

  1. Julien より:


    I saw you on french télévision, in toco toco. This is how I arrived on your web site… Can you tell me what is a squid doing in this shop ? Is it a make belive or a real dried one ? And what does it has to do with “Hello kitty” ?


  2. Yohco より:

    Hi Julien!

    I am not sure why there was a squid at the shop. But it was real. In Japan, having dried squid as a snack together with beer is normal :)

  3. kawaii より:

    woooooooooooooooow so so ‘KAWAII
    you are lucky ;3 :D
    How can i buy from this shop ?

  4. Jade より:

    Hi! I love your shop! I was wondering if you had any leads on the nyago nemukko sanrio character? I love him so much, but I know he is expired and I can’t find him anywhere.. I have seen that he still sells in kawaii but am not sure where I can buy him from.. Please Help!

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