How about Anime Cakes for your precious one?

WOW!!! I found a fantastic cake shop in Gunma, Japan! This shop is  becoming a hot topic on internet in Japan. You can see the amazing cakes here. LOOK!

Kurokos Basketball Cake

Utapri Cake

Utapri Cake

Sengoku BASARA Cake

Relakkuma Cake

You can order your favorite character’s decoration cakes. (This service is now very popular, so maybe there is approximately few weeks wait to get them) Why not give it as a present for your precious one?

★Shop data
手作り菓子 Torte
TEL: +81-27-329-5747
667-8 Nakaizumi-cho Takasaki-shi Gunma 370-3524 JAPAN
Official Website: ぐるめぱど (Japanese Only)
Official Blog: Characters cakes creator, Aki’s blog (Japanese Only)

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