Comiket 83 Report

Comiket 83 (コミックマーケット83) was held in Tokyo from December 29 to 31. Comiket, the world’s largest self-published comic book (Dojinshi) fair is held twice annually, each event attracts about 500,000 visitors. This time, the total number of visitors over the three days was about 550,000, which is the highest of winter season’s Comiket ever. This biggest otaku event is gaining more popularity every year.

There are about 30,000 participant groups over the three days, but the categories vary from day to day. I usually visit the day one and two. The day three is often for male’s categories.

In front of Tokyo Big Sight at 13:00. When I arrived there, the long line had disappeared.

Comiket 83

For your information, you can see the video of long line in the morning.

So many people…(×_×)

Comiket 83

Tiger&Bunny section. T&B is one of the biggest categories of the day one.

Comiket 83

Gintama and other Shonen JUMP manga section. The main section for me!!! Gin♡Hiji (>_<*)

Comiket 83

Comiket 83

Unfortunately, Comiket planning committee banned the participation of groups that belong to Kuroko’s Basketball categories in just before the scheduled date, because intimidation cases against the artist and publisher of Kuroko’s Basketball have been occurring one after the other. According to the report, the criminal holds a private grudge for the artist. I hope Japanese police force arrests the selfish criminal as quickly as possible. This sections are for the 900 groups… What a sad sight. Kuroko’s Basketball was the third biggest category of this Comiket.

Comiket 83


At the Comiket, there are not only dojinshi groups but also participant companies. You can buy various official anime goods at each company booths.

Comiket 83

Comiket 83

Comiket 83

Noitamina Shop

Kawaii umbrella!!

Ita-umbrella 痛傘



What’s more Comiket than cosplay?

Kiki cosplay

Metal gear solid cosplay

Cosplay at Comiket 83

Cosplay at Comiket 83

Hatsune Miku cosplay

Cosplay at Comiket 83

Black Lagoon cosplay


★Catch at Comiket 83

Dojinshi of Gintama, Reborn, PSYCHO-PASS, Tiger&Bunny, Hakuouki, Uta no prince-sama and more… This is a piece of that.


Tsuritama goods by Noitamina Shop. Kawaii!!!

Tsuritama goods by Noitamina Shop


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