Characters’ World in Lunchboxes

Recently, Japanese mothers make artistic lunchbox called “chara-ben (キャラ弁)” that is boxed meals inspired by popular characters.

In Japan, having hand-made lunchbox called “bento (弁当)” for lunch is common from kids to adults. Most of kindergartens and nursery schools don’t have cafeteria, so mothers with little children wake up early and make bento for their kids every morning. They have made various efforts in order to promote kids’ health, and chara-ben is one of them. Little children find their favorite characters in lunchboxes, and forget their least favorite food.

Today, I would like to introduce one of popular chara-ben blogger, Momo and a piece of her amazing chara-ben! Momo makes chara-ben for her two little sons every morning, and upload the photos and how to make them on COOKPAD, which is popular cooking SNS is Japan.

Anpanman chara-ben.

Anpanman chara-ben

Kirby chara-ben.

Kirby chara-ben

Mickey and Minnie chara-ben.

Mickey and Minnie chara-ben

Stitch chara-ben.

Stitch chara-ben

Pooh chara-ben.

Pooh chara-ben

Hamutaro chara-ben.

Hamutaro chara-ben

Relakkuma chara-ben.

Relakkuma chara-ben

Mario chara-ben.

Mario chara-ben

Pokemon chara-ben.

Pokemon chara-ben

Hello Kitty chara-ben. How cute!!!

Hello Kitty chara-ben

According to Momo, it takes about from 30 minutes to one hours to make chara-ben every day. The secret to making well is in seeing. Now you want to make chara-ben, don’t you?


★Momo’s chara-ben blog “キミと一緒に〜太郎・小太郎・お弁当〜” (Japanese)

★How to make Momo’s chara-ben (COOKPAD)


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